General Education and Training Certificate │National Certificate

  • SAQA ID 49668 – General Education and Training Certificate: Horticulture, NQF 1
  • SAQA ID 66589 – National Certificate: Horticulture, NQF 2

South Africa is renowned as an ideal tourist destination. The beauty of the gardens and landscapes in leisure facilities, parks and gardens, is an important factor in assuring that South Africa is considered a prime tourist attraction. To advance and improve our position in this important economic area the “Green Industry” must up-skill its workforce, for the creation of excellent landscapes.

The provision and maintenance of sports fields to world class standards is a necessity. This qualification addresses the industry’s need to provide the basic skills to establish and maintain sports turf facilities.

The skills gained through this qualification will ensure that quality ornamental plants will be produced and marketed to the consumers.

The qualification will facilitate job creation and self employment opportunities, while furthering the aims of economic empowerment in South Africa.

The qualification includes the skills necessary to safely use various chemicals, including fuels, fertilisers, pest control agents, accordingly, the principles of health and safety are embedded in all the learning aspects of the qualification.

As the core is generic to all sectors of the horticultural industry, the qualification embodies the principle of portability and is integral to further learning. Through the wide scope of electives, the specialisations of the various sectors are catered for.

This qualification addresses both the current and future needs of horticulture in South Africa.

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