1-year National Certificate in Landscaping │Horticulture

South Africa has the richest floral kingdom in the world and attracts thousands of visitors each year who enjoy the diversity of the flora in the different geographic regions. Numerous international horticultural conferences are held in South Africa. This confirms the importance of horticultural aspects in the daily lives of South Africans and the positive economic effect that the sales of horticultural products and services have being available to both the local and international markets.

South Africa has a vibrant horticultural industry and numerous local events for the consumer, as well as the trade, are arranged. These range from talks on specific subjects to international conferences and exhibitions where South African experts are available to present papers and answer questions. These events also attract overseas horticultural experts, suppliers and gardening enthusiasts.

In the context of the above, it is therefore vital that the South African workforce be up-skilled to become more knowledgeable, efficient and productive to ensure the “horticultural firmament” continues shining brightly and to grow the potential of designers, installers and growers in the various sectors of the horticultural industry.

The skills gained through this qualification will ensure that, not only will quality ornamental plants be produced and marketed to consumers, but that the environment will be protected against the invasion of alien plants in natural areas as well as in commercial and residential gardens and recreation areas.

The qualification will facilitate job creation and self employment opportunities, while furthering the aims of economic empowerment in South Africa.

The qualification includes the skills necessary to monitor and maintain health and safety in the horticultural industry while addressing the nutritional needs of plants, controlling common pests in the horticultural environment, attending to the basic maintenance of grassed areas and shaping plants to promote flowering. In addition, the qualification provides the opportunity for the learner at level 3 to become conversant with the application of supervisory management principles in the industry.

As the qualification is based on the common core of the preceding NQF Level 1 and 2 qualifications, it embodies the principle of portability and is integral to further learning, despite its focus being on the more specialised field of landscaping. Through the wide scope of electives, the specialisations of the various sectors are catered for.

The sectors of the horticultural industry that will benefit from this qualification include:

  • Landscape construction and maintenance.
  • Amenity horticulture.
  • Sports turf.
  • Arboriculture.
  • Plant propagation.
  • Interior plantscaping.
  • Retail nurseries.

This qualification addresses both the current and future needs of horticulture in South Africa.

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