Exclusive GAP Experience

5-month course │ Includes Malawi Educational Trip


Agricultural tourism is when visitors come to your working farm for enjoyment or educational purposes. This can be a show-and-tell visit, or they can actively take part in some of the day-to-day activities on the farm. South Africa has an underutilised market for agricultural tourism and the growth potential is enormous. Whether you do traditional farming based activities, horticulture, or some other form of agri business, your farm’s potential is almost unlimited. Agricultural tourism is a great way to generate alternative sources of income for your farm.

  • 5 Month exclusive gap experience (including school holidays)
  • Based at Windy Brow Game Reserve (Cullinan)
  • Accredited agricultural short courses (Agri Skills Transfer)
  • Accredited nature site guide qualification (requires Grade 10 certificate) (Drum Beat Academy)
  • Various hospitality short courses (Drum Beat Academy)
  • Includes day trips and several adventure experiences
  • Course fee includes accommodation and 2 meals per day
  • Includes Malawi Educational Trip
  • Start date March 2023
  • Courses are all presented in English.
  • Maximum 20 per intake.

The course includes:

Agri Short Courses

  • Agricultural tourism.
  • Beef cattle production.
  • Goats.
  • Piggery.
  • Plant production.
  • And more…

Nature Site Guide

  • Conduct a guided nature experience.
  • Climate & weather.
  • Geology & topography.
  • Grazers, browsers, predators.
  • Trees, veld grasses, botany.
  • And more…

Hospitality Short Courses

  • Menu planning, budgeting.
  • Prepare and serve food.
  • Drinks service.
  • Legal requirements.

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