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Navigating the Changing Landscape of Skills Development: Transitioning from SETA to QCTO Qualifications

The world of skills development is evolving rapidly, and it's essential for companies and learners alike to stay ahead of the curve. With the transition from Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) to the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), significant changes are underway. These changes not only impact skills development plans and reporting but also have implications for BEE scorecards.

Established in 2010, the QCTO has taken on the responsibility of accrediting, implementing, and certifying all occupational qualifications previously overseen by SETAs. Unlike SETA qualifications, QCTO qualifications are standardised across all sectors, enhancing recognition and portability. Operating under the Occupational Qualifications Framework (OQF), the QCTO collaborates with industry stakeholders to ensure qualifications align with market needs.

Key differences between the QCTO and SETA systems include the setting of standards and the structure of learnership programmes. QCTO qualifications follow a standardised framework, while SETAs develop sector-specific qualifications. Learnerships under QCTO comprise three components: knowledge, practical training, and external assessment, differing from the SETA model.

The transition from SETA to QCTO qualifications is already underway, with qualifications gradually being transferred to QCTO oversight. All new occupational qualifications are now developed, and quality assured by the QCTO. However, it's essential to note that the accreditation of SETA qualifications is set to expire on 30 June 2024.

This transition period includes a one-year grace period for enrolment and a three-year teach-out period. As of 1 July 2024, all qualifications under the SETA system will no longer be recognised, and learnership registrations will occur under the QCTO system.

At Agri Skills Transfer, we understand the importance of these changes and are committed to supporting our learners and prospective learners every step of the way. Our team is ready to provide guidance and assistance to ensure a smooth transition to QCTO qualifications. We are dedicated to safeguarding your skills development initiatives and mitigating any risks to your Skills Development and BEE scorecards.

It's crucial for companies and learners to grasp the implications of these changes and take proactive steps to adapt to the evolving skills development landscape effectively. By understanding and embracing these changes, we can ensure alignment with industry standards and optimise the capabilities of our workforce for a brighter future in agriculture.