1-year National Certificate in Agri Sales & Services │Secondary Agriculture

This qualification is registered at level 4 on the National Qualifications Framework. It provides learners with the opportunity to access learning in Agri Sales and Services, which include opportunities for learners to grow in the specific field.

Learners will be able to combine fundamental, core and elective unit standards in order to gain competence linked to best practice. Learners will, once qualified and assessed as competent, be able to demonstrate competence in ordering, receiving, pricing, storing, selling and marketing of merchandise as well as implementing and running promotions. Learners will demonstrate an understanding of broader business principles such as interpretation of financial reports applicable to the Agri Trade as well as coordinating promotional activities, customer service and supervision of people.

The learner will have demonstrated ability to make decisions and provide guidelines considering a range of options after completion of the following unit standards in three specified areas:

Fundamental learning:

  • Literacy and communication at NQF level 4.
  • Numeracy at NQF level 4.
  • Interpret financial reports.

Core learning:

  • Place merchandise order.
  • Receive merchandise.
  • Pricing of merchandise.
  • Storage of stock.
  • Determine stock levels.
  • Complete sales transactions.
  • Control of stock.
  • Marketing of merchandise.
  • Purchase merchandise.
  • Selling goods and services.
  • Providing customer service.
  • Contribute to the planning allocation and supervision of work.

Elective learning:

  • Implement and run promotions.
  • Coordinating promotional activities.
  • Provide effective administrative support.
  • Function as a safety, health and environmental representative.
  • Maintain sound labour relations.

This course is also available as a 2-year National Diploma, NQF Level 5. Please contact us more information on our Agri Sales & Services courses and the various learning options.


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