5-day Handyman short course │ Agri Skills Agricultural Training Centre (Cullinan Farm), Cullinan

Task list for the course

  1. Replacing of electric light bulb.
  2. Replacing a broken window pane.
  3. Repairing wall cracks.
  4. Application of paint.
  5. Cleaning of gutters and downpipes.
  6. Fitting of new tap washers.
  7. Fitting of new toilet washers and seats.
  8. Replacing door locks.
  9. Fitting of new curtain tracks.
  10. Replacing broken wall tiles.
  11. Making up and fixing of new gutters.
  12. Replacing worn out toilet cistern ball valves.
  13. Replacing a hot water geyser.
  14. Re-fixing of loose corrugated iron sheets.
  15. Re-fixing of fascia boards.
  16. Re-plastering of damaged corners.
  17. Fitting of shelves.
  18. Jointing of pipes and hose pipes.
  19. Replacing floor tiles.
  20. Opening of blocked sewerage pipes.

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